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Dressing Humans not Genders

our concept

Humanwear consists on dressing Humans not Genders.

We believe the word gender has no room in fashion.

That is why we decide not to use it.

Our Story

Frustrated with the old system that the fashion industry imposes on consumers and brands; the namesake brand David Caracuel was born.

We believe fashion should not be linked to genders, sexual orientations, and/or races. Anyone is free to wear what they like.


We create quality garments over quantity. We will not be launching collections per year or per seasons; instead, we are going to be launching several outfits throughout the year. We believe creating unnecessary pieces just to complete a collection is a waste of resources, money and a big negative impact to the environment.

We believe the fashion industry should be moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable business model.


With time we will learn from our own mistakes and improve our future creations and processes.


Nowadays it is still very difficult for a start-up/small brand to be 100% environmentally friendly, as we don't have the resources.


Our Brand

The namesake David Caracuel is our main sustainable streetwear brand. 

the designs are plenty of color and edgy design aesthetics. The world is already a dark and difficult place to live in, so why not make it colourful and fun. our designs are meant to fit as many body shapes and types as possible. gender, race and sexual orientation are not determining factors to our clothing. everybody is free to try and wear them.

Zero Waste.png

the zero waste line is a series of items made from the leftover materials used in the production of other items and dead-stock fabrics. 50% of the profits of these items will be destined to charity organizations that look after our planet.

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